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Myriad: Keyboards Made Modular

This is the documentation for the Myriad System, introduced by You can use this documentation to get started designing your own Myriad card.

Cards purchased at

Looking for documentation on how to use your existing Myriad card? You can find Myriad card documentation at for all cards purchased from

Cards purchased from third parties

Did you get a Myriad card from a third party? Great, it is always nice to see the ecosystem grow! However, that also means they were not designed by us, so we cannot provide documentation or usage instructions for them. Please contact the seller if you have questions about them.

Asking in the #myriad channel over on the Discord server is of course allowed, but we can’t make any promises.

Designing your own card

Looking to get started designing your own Myriad card or Myriad host? Read the Terms of Use first. In it, you’ll find that you can freely modify and even sell Myriad cards commercially, but Myriad host boards cannot be sold commercially. For more licensing information, please contact support.

Once you’re familiar with the license, you can get started with the design. Read up on the resources to ensure you and others will be able to use your Myriad card, determine the right size for your card, and then dive into the specs!